The Wales Millennium Stadium

Wales Millennium Stadium IMG_1358WSMIn March 2009, I had the opportunity to see the Wales rugby union team’s final training session before they played Ireland in the Six Nations. The session was held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and is called ‘The Captain’s Run’. It is supposedly the one time that the captain of the side dictates when the session will finish. My sons, Greg and Tom, and I had been invited by the young person’s hospice, Ty Hafan, which is based in Sulley, South Glamorgan. It was an amazing day and we had the opportunity to meet many of the Welsh players, who were all fantastic. In amongst taking photos of the players with my sons, I managed to capture a few images of the inside of the stadium. It truly is a magnificent stadium.

More photographs of the Wales Millennium Stadium can be seen by clicking on the link.,-Cardiff


Wedding Photography

I find that having the responsibility of capturing those special moments at a couple’s wedding is an honour. Those photographs will tell the story of their day, bringing back memories of certain smiles and loving looks that had been forgotten. They are precious. I love working with couples on their wedding day. The photography should be fun and enjoyed and that energy will feed through to those final images that feature in that wonderful mounted photograph that is fixed on their wall or in their leather-bound wedding album. For more information on our photography services please click and go our website –

Welsh International Shirts Ready for Action

I took this photograph and several others whilst on a recent tour of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, South Wales. The number 4 shirt is worn by the Swansea defender Ashley Williams, whilst in the background is the shirt of the world’s most expensive footballer, Gareth Bale. The photograph was originally taken in colour and then the background was changed to black and white to emphasise the red shirts.  I used a Canon 5D with a shallow focal length to blur the background. For more photographs click on the following link – Welsh Football Shirt SM


Getting Prepared – The Wales Millennium Stadium

Getting Prepared – The Wales Millennium Stadium


The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, South Wales preparing for the forthcoming Six Nations rugby union tournament between Wales, England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. The stadium is widely regarded as one of if not the best sports stadium in the world. When the roof is closed, it is the largest indoor sporting arena in Europe and the second largest in the world. And it is in Wales! The bright yellowish lights on the pitch are providing the necessary heat and light for the grass. On match day, the atmosphere inside the stadium is truly incredible. For more sports photographs go to:

Happy Travellers

Happy Travellers

Paul Fears has received a ‘Highly Commended’ award from Urban Photographer of the Year 2013 for his photograph of British Lions supporters on a train after the famous final rugby union test victory against Australia in Sydney on July 6th, 2013.

The CRBE Urban Photographer of the Year competition is an annual global competition that in it’s third year. In 2013, images were submitted by photographers from 118 countries globally and had the highest number of entries since the competition began. The brief was ‘Cities at Work’ and pushed the boundaries of photography in urban environments. Each photographer was asked to confirm the time the photograph was taken and the best images taken in each hour of the day were selected to feature in a A4 sized, landscape orientated book published by CBRE at the end of 2013. Paul is one of only ten British photographers featured in the book, with other contributions from photographers in countries including Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malta, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

Paul Fears, based in Church Village near Pontypridd, happened to be in Sydney on a work assignment. Being a lifetime rugby supporter and photographer, he took the opportunity to travel to the ANZ Stadium in the Olympic Park on the outskirts of Sydney and take photographs of the general atmosphere before and after the famous test match, which the British Lions won 41-16. After the game, between 11pm and 12 midnight, Paul returned to Sydney by train and continued to take photographs of the euphoric British Lions supporters. His photograph ‘Happy Travellers’ was taken as he stepped down from one level to another inside a train taking supporters back into Sydney.

Paul said, “What struck me as incredible about this scene was the sheer number of British Lions supporters packed onto the train. They were all wearing bright red shirts, hats and scarves and there was only the occasional Australian gold shirt to be seen. I was candidly taking shots of fans on the train and captured this image by surreptitiously holding the camera at waist height as I climbed down the stairs from the upper deck of the train. I was really pleased with the end result. I used my Canon 1000D and a standard 18-55mm lens.”

Additional photographs taken on the day can be seen by clicking on the following link –,-July-2013)

The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar – Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar - Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

Later today I am travelling to the Czech Republic on business to a wonderfully historic town called Vysoke Myto. It is around 2 hours drive from Prague and is dominated by one large bus manufacturing company, but if you walk around the old town there are so many undiscovered wonders. The buildings are old and they are still painted in the same soft pastel colours that they always have been. This is one photograph of several that I took on my one my visits last year and more can be seen by clicking on the link below.,-Czech-Republic

Jessie, Our Cat

Jessie, Our Cat

This is Jessie, our cat, enjoying the warmth of the fire, chilling and relaxing on the chair in our lounge. And then I come along with my camera and start taking photographs. I would love to know what thoughts were going through her mind and whether one of them was just wishing that I would go away.

Caerphilly Castle in the winter dawn sun

For the first time in what seemed to be weeks, the skies were clear as the sun rose and it was the perfect chance to get out and take some photographs. I headed towards Caerphilly Castle in South Wales, UK at just after 7am and set up my Canon 5D to capture some images of the 3rd biggest castle in Europe as it was lit up by the dawn sun. It was beautiful. More photographs can be seen on my website – Castle

Oblivious in Headphones

Oblivious in Headphones

I was waiting in Lille train station in France for the Eurostar back to London and spent the time watching other passengers from up high. Most people seemed to be in a rush, but as I watched I saw a young girl standing very still looking up at the announcement board. With her headphones on, she appeared totally oblivious to the people swarming around her. I wonder what she was listening to.

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