The Fairytale Castle

South Wales in the UK is blessed with some of the most well preserved castles in the world. On a hill just above Tongwynlais, just North of Cardiff as you head towards Pontypridd, there is a beautiful fairytale castle called Castell Coch (the red castle). Despite its appearance it is a relatively recently built castle, although on the foundations on more aged fortifications. The design is based on castles from Germany, hence the pointed turrets. It is beautiful and the perfect location for events such as weddings.

This was taken from the carpark of a block of offices on the opposite side of the River Taff using my Canon 70-200mm EF L lens. I got some odd looks from the office staff, but the soft light of winter was perfect for the shot.  More photos of Castell Coch can be seen by clicking on this link to my website –

Castell Coch F33A9745SM


Dawn on Tankerton Seafront

Sunrise on Tankerton Seafront F33A4989ASMIt had just gone 6am and I had been poised waiting for the sun to rise for at least half an hour. Despite it being summertime, it was cold.  I had positioned myself on a sand spit facing Herne Bay and the rising sun.  My camera was mounted on my tripod for extra stability and it was just a waiting game for the sun. I occasionally acknowledged some joggers as they plodded past, giving me odd looks even when they had got up at this unearthly hour to burn off that fat and keep fit. Each to his own, I thought. And then the sun peaked over the horizon and the sun burst into colour. As I clicked away, I just thought how lucky I was and how worthwhile it had been to crawl out of bed over an hour earlier.  More photos of the sunrise can be seen on my website on


Prematch Lights in Cardiff

Light Show at the Millennium Stadium IMG_6021SMThe players of the Wales and France rugby union sides were just about to walk out onto the Millennium Stadium turf. The noise was deafening, the atmosphere charged. Fans continued to stream in, precariously carrying trays of beer up the steep steps of the upper tier of the magnificent stadium. Red, white and blue was the colour of the day. The songs had been sung, with the usual gusto and mumbling of the words that we didn’t know, and we were all waiting in anticipation. To have any chance of winning the Six Nations for a record third time, Wales had to win. In stark contrast, France had already won two games and had dreams of a Grand Slam. The lights went out, the streams of bright lights danced and the players entered the cauldron. How they must have felt. Amazing sporting theatre, with Wales ultimately proving too strong for the crushed French.

More photos can be seen on my website –,-Millennium-Stadium,-Cardiff,-21st-March-2014


The Gates

It was another bleak day and I was up near Hirwaun in the Heads of the Valleys in South Wales. I had a meeting and took the opportunity to drive around the Hirwaun Industrial Estate, where I came across this house that appeared derelict. The gates were chained and the large garden was littered with all sorts of debris. I know from visiting a few weeks later that it is habited.

More photographs can be seen on my website – The Gates IMG_5917SM

The Shop Selling Love

ImageIt was late afternoon in Cardiff in South Wales and the rain had just abated leaving the pavements soaking wet. People were scurrying back to their cars, either after spending the day shopping or having worked in one of the many offices littered around the city. With my camera in my hand, I stood and watched the world go by, occasionally taking a photo and getting stared at suspiciously by the passers-by.

More photos can be seen on my website –

Angel’s on Cardiff’s City Hall

Angels on Cardiff's City HallCardiff, the capital city of Wales, is blessed with some amazing architecture. The buildings in the centrally located civic centre, such as the City Hall and the National Museum of Wales, are particularly magnificent. The buildings are built of Portland stone and are important examples Edwardian Baroque style. The statues ordaining the buildings are particularly eye-catching, with angels warding off evil from the edges of the roof. The buildings are perfect for photography. But don’t blink!

Sticks on Top of Fan Fawr

Just over a year ago, South Wales was covered in snow. temperatures were bitter, but at least it wasn't raining.  I was walking up Fan Fawr, the mountain opposite Pen-y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons and saw four people standing like sticks at the top of this snowy ridge. With my Canon 1000D, a 50mm lens and some adjustment for the light, I captured the walkers.

Just over a year ago, South Wales was covered in snow. The temperature was bitterly cold, with the ground hard and icy, but at least it wasn’t raining. I was walking up Fan Fawr, the mountain opposite Pen-y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons and saw four people standing like sticks at the top of this snowy ridge. With my frozen finger pressing the trigger, I used my Canon 1000D, a 50mm lens, some great depth of field and some adjustment for the light, to capture the sticks on the top of Fan Fawr.