Music for You Project

I know that Andrew was thrilled with the outcome. Great work!

Tom Fears

Music for You – Andrew Jones

I was recently involved in a project which enabled me to re-vamp a YouTube site with new videos and links to various forms of social media. The project entailed of 30 videos that needed to be edited using photographs given to me. I worked alongside and constructed a successful YouTube site for our client. Check it out!

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Photographs showing the Elegance of the National Museum of Wales

National Museum of Wales-1983-2The National Museum of Wales is not only houses one of the World’s premier art collections, including Monet, Van Gough and Rodin to name but a few, but is a stunning example of the wonderful Portland stone architecture in the Cathays Park area of Cardiff.  Construction of a the building began in 1912, but with the onset of the First World War it did not open to the public until 1922, with the official opening taking place in 1927. The architects were Arnold Dunbar Smith and Cecil Brewer, although the building as it now stands is a heavily truncated version of their design.

The domed ceiling of the main foyer area is particularly photogenic, especially if you persuade the staff to allow you to lie on your back exactly under the centre of the dome to take the shot.

A selection of the photographs can be seen on the Paul Fears Photography website.

Autumn Colours in Bute Park, Cardiff, South Wales

Autumn Colours in Bute Park-6756The colours of Autumn have always fascinated me and trying to capture them on a camera is always challenging.  You need good light, which in Wales can be absent at the best of times.  I like blue skies as they offer a perfect contrast to the brown, yellow and orange leaves, and you can use the direct sunlight to illuminate the edges of the leaves.  Also, there is a time limit when the colours change and the leaves drop, often shortened when there is a major storm.

This particular set of photographs was taken in Bute Park, Cardiff, South Wales at the back of Cardiff Castle.  It is a beautiful park all year round, but in the Autumn the diverse mix of fauna seem to ignite in Autumnal colour.  One side of the park runs alongside the River Taff and is a popular location for walking, cycling and sports.  On the opposite side you will find the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama leading down to the Castle walls on the edge of the shopping area.  The fact that it is in the centre of Cardiff makes it that little bit extra special.