5 45am at Caerphilly Castle

5:45am at Caerphilly Castle

It was April and despite the onset of Spring, the early morning was bitterly cold.  Tom and I had got up early to shoot some material for a promotional video for my business, Paul Fears Photography.  We wanted to video the sun rising behind the dramatic Caerphilly Castle, which is the largest of many fantastic fortresses in South Wales.  He was using my Canon 5D and so I was slumming it with my Canon 1000D.  As he filmed, I setup up the camera on a tripod and captured the unfolding dawn and rising of the sun from behind Caerphilly Castle.  The clouds played a big part in the composition, especially with the reflections of the sun.  The starburst was an added bonus.

This image and more photographs of Caerphilly Castle can be seen on http://paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=Castles&sub_album=Caerphilly Castle


Daffodils at Caerphilly Castle

Happy St David’s Day! For today’s celebratory blog I have a photo of two iconic images of Wales – the daffodil with Caerphilly Castle in the background. For those who don’t know, St David is the patron Saint of Wales and on 1st March we celebrate his life. When I was in school, my mum would send me to school wearing a daffodil or even a leek, which would often be munched or used as a sword.

More photos of Caerphilly Castle can be found on my website – http://paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=CastlesDaffodils at Caerphilly Castle IMG_0292SM

Caerphilly Castle in the winter dawn sun

For the first time in what seemed to be weeks, the skies were clear as the sun rose and it was the perfect chance to get out and take some photographs. I headed towards Caerphilly Castle in South Wales, UK at just after 7am and set up my Canon 5D to capture some images of the 3rd biggest castle in Europe as it was lit up by the dawn sun. It was beautiful. More photographs can be seen on my website – http://www.paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=Castles&sub_album=Caerphilly Castle