The Fairytale Castle

South Wales in the UK is blessed with some of the most well preserved castles in the world. On a hill just above Tongwynlais, just North of Cardiff as you head towards Pontypridd, there is a beautiful fairytale castle called Castell Coch (the red castle). Despite its appearance it is a relatively recently built castle, although on the foundations on more aged fortifications. The design is based on castles from Germany, hence the pointed turrets. It is beautiful and the perfect location for events such as weddings.

This was taken from the carpark of a block of offices on the opposite side of the River Taff using my Canon 70-200mm EF L lens. I got some odd looks from the office staff, but the soft light of winter was perfect for the shot.  More photos of Castell Coch can be seen by clicking on this link to my website –

Castell Coch F33A9745SM


The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar – Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar - Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

Later today I am travelling to the Czech Republic on business to a wonderfully historic town called Vysoke Myto. It is around 2 hours drive from Prague and is dominated by one large bus manufacturing company, but if you walk around the old town there are so many undiscovered wonders. The buildings are old and they are still painted in the same soft pastel colours that they always have been. This is one photograph of several that I took on my one my visits last year and more can be seen by clicking on the link below.,-Czech-Republic

Caerphilly Castle in the winter dawn sun

For the first time in what seemed to be weeks, the skies were clear as the sun rose and it was the perfect chance to get out and take some photographs. I headed towards Caerphilly Castle in South Wales, UK at just after 7am and set up my Canon 5D to capture some images of the 3rd biggest castle in Europe as it was lit up by the dawn sun. It was beautiful. More photographs can be seen on my website – Castle