Brave or Mad Sea Fishermen?

Ogmore-on-sea sea fishermen-8322The sea was crashing into the coast, smashing against the rocks and sending spray high up into the sky and yet the sea fishermen appeared oblivious to it all.  February stormy weather had hit the South Wales coast and my wife and I were out walking along a coastal path by Ogmore-by-Sea.  Heavy mean looking clouds were rushing across the sky and the sun was constantly fighting to bite through and light up the glorious coastline.  It was exhilarating!

Then I saw the first pair of fishermen.  They were positioned on the edge of a rock face just metres away from where the sea was pounding against the rocks.  Despite spray showering them, they stood and simply chatted, although they must have had to shout as the noise from the waves was deafening.  Out came the 300mm zoom lens and I took a few shots to try and capture what I was seeing.

Further on there was further evidence of fishing madness.  These keen but crazy sportsmen precariously perched themselves on rocks close to where the waves thundered into land.  I wondered how, in the stormy seas, they would have a chance of catching any fish, but maybe that wasn’t the point.  I was excited watching them and so the adrenalin must have been pumping through their veins as they defied the elements in pursuit of catching that special fish.  Was this a classic example of the thrill of the chase?

As we walked back, the fishermen were packing up and walking home and I managed to get one final shot of a fisherman from Bargoed Sea Anglers all packed up and just gazing out across the sea.  He appeared content, although maybe not with his catch of fish, but after winning his battle with the coastal elements.Ogmore-on-sea sea fishermen-6

Photographs of the sea anglers and sea fisherman can be seen on my website.


Dawn on Tankerton Seafront

Sunrise on Tankerton Seafront F33A4989ASMIt had just gone 6am and I had been poised waiting for the sun to rise for at least half an hour. Despite it being summertime, it was cold.  I had positioned myself on a sand spit facing Herne Bay and the rising sun.  My camera was mounted on my tripod for extra stability and it was just a waiting game for the sun. I occasionally acknowledged some joggers as they plodded past, giving me odd looks even when they had got up at this unearthly hour to burn off that fat and keep fit. Each to his own, I thought. And then the sun peaked over the horizon and the sun burst into colour. As I clicked away, I just thought how lucky I was and how worthwhile it had been to crawl out of bed over an hour earlier.  More photos of the sunrise can be seen on my website on