3 Views When Walking Through Cardiff

Fisheye lens view in CardiffI was in Coffee Barker, a fantastic café in one of the arcades in the centre of Cardiff in South Wales, and had just finished the 2nd of two meetings. It was time to wander back to the car and so I clicked my fisheyes lens onto my Canon 5D, ready to take some unconventional images of the beautiful city. Firstly, there was the arcade and the tables lined up outside Coffee Barker. The arcades in Cardiff are amazing and I reminded myself to return and spend an afternoon photographing the arcades. I then ventured out into St Mary’s Street and took a photo looking down away from the castle. After crossing the road, I headed up towards The City Parish of St John the Baptist, where the blue skies and gorgeous clouds framed the church perfectly.

Although only the church photo is on this blog, the others can be seen on my website (although with other urban photos of Cardiff)


Photographs of Monmouthshire’s Three Castles

There are three wonderful castles to visit in Monmouthshire, Wales; Grosmont, Skenfrith and White Castle. Grosmont and Skenfrith are positioned near the River Wye, whilst White Castle is further to the west. All have origins that date back to the 1200’s although they were modified and extended extensively over time.Grosmont Castle

Grosmont is located up a short hill behind the town of Grosmont. It has a spectacular chimney, which stands proud at the back of the castle. When we were there, there was a boy and his father playing football in the grounds, which was lovely. The views from the upper levels are amazing.

Skenfrith is dominated by the central tower, which stands proud in the centre of the castle. As you stand in the grounds, you look up to see the tall hills and I could only wonder what it must have felt like to see your enemies approaching from afar.

Skenfrith CastleWhite Castle is the biggest of the three, with quite extensive grounds. The inner ward is protected by a twin-towered gatehouse and is surrounded by a small moat.

All three are well worth a visit. I have posted my photographs on http://www.paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=Castles and this weekend I will be displaying framed and mounted copies at a big event outside and inside Caerphilly Castle called The Big Cheese.White Castle

5 Sights To See When Walking Around Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

The walk around Cardiff Bay starts and ends at the Wales Millennium Centre and takes around 1 1/2 hours. So, what are the five sights to see?

1.  Walk away from the Millennium Centre, past Techniquest and onto the bridge (A4232). From here the views both towards Cardiff (where you can see the Millennium Stadium) and Penarth are breathtaking. Get the camera out;

2.  After dropping down and under the bridge, you follow the path along past Cardiff International White Water Centre until you reach a footbridge. From here you can see the small and large boats moored on the river;

3.  Head towards Penarth and the barrage, taking the path back towards Cardiff Bay and gaze across the water. In the summer, the water is full of boats and activity;

4.  Around half way along the path is a small exhibition about Captain Scott and two huge sails. Prefect photo opportunity;

5.  Walk on past the Doctor Who Experience and back to Cardiff Bay. Now it is time to gaze at the wonderful Wales Millennium Centre. And don’t forget to get a few photos!

Photographs of all the above sights and more can be seen by following the links below.

The Cardiff Bay Walk – http://www.paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=Urban-Scenes&sub_album=Cardiff-Bay-Walk-South-Wales-UK

The Wales Millennium Centre – http://www.paulfearsphoto.co.uk/index.php?cat=photographs&id=16&album=Architecture&sub_album=Wales-Millennium-Centre-Cardiff-Bay

The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar – Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

The Statue Silhouette of Premysl II Otokar - Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic

Later today I am travelling to the Czech Republic on business to a wonderfully historic town called Vysoke Myto. It is around 2 hours drive from Prague and is dominated by one large bus manufacturing company, but if you walk around the old town there are so many undiscovered wonders. The buildings are old and they are still painted in the same soft pastel colours that they always have been. This is one photograph of several that I took on my one my visits last year and more can be seen by clicking on the link below.


Oblivious in Headphones

Oblivious in Headphones

I was waiting in Lille train station in France for the Eurostar back to London and spent the time watching other passengers from up high. Most people seemed to be in a rush, but as I watched I saw a young girl standing very still looking up at the announcement board. With her headphones on, she appeared totally oblivious to the people swarming around her. I wonder what she was listening to.

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