Inspired Architecture from Nature

For the past month or so I have watched as the pot of lilies in our back garden have gradually awoken from their winter’s hibernation. The long stems have stretched upwards, as if trying to push their gradually opening buds up into the sky. Over the past few days, those buds have blossomed and now I am looking at some of the most beautiful architecture that Mother Nature has ever designed. The sweet curves of the white leaves, curl around the bright yellow heart. As the sunlight filters through the wispy thin petal, you can see the slightly darker veins. Then, on the tip of the flower is a little curling twist that just adds yet another dimension to this beautiful plant. I could sit and gaze at them for hours.

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The Rose

My wife is the gardener in our house and it is her loving care and attention that has enabled our roses to bloom. The colours are stunning and the texture of the petals is like satin. I love taking photographs of the flowers, but still want to do something that is a little more creative that just photographing a flower. On this shot I’ve used a low F stop to blur out the flower in the background and shot it handheld. Luckily the wind wasn’t blowing too much and so it is pretty sharp. In Photoshop, I then dropped out the background into black and white just to enhance the beautiful colour. Hopefully it just makes the image a little more interesting, especially to those who don’t particularly like photos of flowers!

There are more photos on my website –

The Essence of a Rose

Bluebells by the Window

It was lunchtime and time for a walk. I wandered down to the busy main road that runs through Church Village, near Pontypridd in South Wales, on my way to the bank. Just before my destination, I see the most amazing display of bluebells tucked away along the edge of a driveway. In stark contrast, the window of what appeared to be a garage was in desperate need of a lick of paint and the jars in the window appeared to have been there for some time. Who lived there and had they ever seen this gorgeous array of colour?  I doubted whether they had.  I cursed myself for not taking my Canon camera, got out my HTC One mobile and took a photo.Bluebells by the Window